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A Kind Word - Gayle's charitable projects
Album Cover: Denmark Teak

Gayle Fitzpatrick is a Hudson Valley, New York based singer, songwriter, and musician whose music is best summarized as "country rock with a style that's urban and heartfelt". Her song Denmark Teak premiered on WOR radio in June 2006 on The Lionel Show. Her debut EP Denmark Teak was released on August 4, 2006. »


Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the music…

-- Gayle


We are donating 50% of proceeds from Denmark Teak, which was written as a tribute to my Father Jack Fitzpatrick who passed away in 1999 from esophageal cancer, to the Esophagus Cancer Research Lab at Johns Hopkins University.

Another charity I will be donating to is SHARE.

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A quote from Lionel (of 'The Lionel Show')

"I came across this song. There's a great songwriter…. her name is Gayle Fitzpatrick. And she wrote this song to her Father. It's called Denmark Teak.... Beautiful, beautiful words…. It's amazing."

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