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Album Cover: Denmark Teak

Added: Sat, Jul 29, 2006

On July 16, 2006, Gayle's song Denmark Teak premiered on radio on The Lionel Show.

The syndicated show airs live on WOR710 radio in New York City and on affiliated stations around the U.S.

Lionel's introduction about Gayle

"Coming up we've got a great song for you at the bottom of the hour. You know music is my life… when I come across something that's really good I want to share it with you. We've had great music discussions….."



"I want to encourage you to seek and explore those things that are artistic. I don't care how old you are I want you to make sure. Don't wait for New Year's…pick up and instrument play something….write poetry, put your thoughts down. Nobody writes anymore…"

"I've got this song coming up. Its's tribute to a young lady's late Father and it made me think you know you better have programs in this country to teach people to be creative."

Lionel's introduction to the song

"I came across this song. There's a great songwriter.. her name is Gayle Fitzpatrick. And she wrote this song to her Father. It's called Denmark Teak. And it's something that…I'm not going to go into the explanation of it but it was something that reminded her of her Father. Beautiful, beautiful words...and I just was thinkg about this..don't forget Father's day is Sunday. Do do whatever you have to do. But I want to share something with you I just love this..I've been playing it over and over again. You know how you do that. I tend to do this. This is called Denmark Teak by Gayle Fitzpatrick. It's amazing."

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(Transcript and audio of The Lionel Show reproduced with permission.)

Denmark Teak was co-written by Gayle Fitzpatrick and Billy Roues.